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1 2 3 Gluten Free Brownie Mix*

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It's been a good week since my last post as I was on holiday and the wifi and signal was awful, so I have eaten plenty and just need to blog it all! One of the things James and I love to do is to bake, so we thought we would take the 1.2.3 Gluten Free brownie mix that was sent to me from Make it Gluten Free Ltd on holiday with us for some evening baking. (You can find their website here)

The box claims to make 2x more than other brownie mixes and let's face it, we love brownies! And not even we were able to get through it in a week and ended up bringing half the brownie home with us! It is huge! It is such good value for money if you are looking to cater to a party of gluten free people. Also on the box it claims to be free from wheat and gluten, dairy and casein, peanut and tree nut, as well as corn, soy, sesame and eggs (that's if you use an egg replacer) so is pretty much perfect for anyone with the main dietary allergies. To top it all off it is also free of artificial flavours and colours! What more could you want!

The recipe was super simple too, just add 4 eggs and 118ml of butter, that's it, done! We poured the mix into a baking pan with some parchment lining the bottom and left it to cook for around 20 minutes. Out of the oven, the top had gone lovely and glossy and had a slight crackle effect. It looked perfect!

Once cooled slightly I cut a slice and it was a beautifully dense brownie, much like the ones that are sold in Costa Coffee, although you can make a whole tray for the same price as two of their brownies! I didn't add any nuts or fudge chips which are listed as optional extras as I wanted to try the brownie as it was. By itself it is extremely chocolaty and very rich with a crisp top and soft middle, it is simply delightful!

I would recommend if you are baking this for only a few people, to split the mix before baking and add some nuts or fudge into one. This way you have a few different flavours to choose from, as there is plenty of mix to do this.

From children's parties to afternoon teas, I will certainly reach for the 1.2.3 Gluten Free mix as it makes plenty for everyone and James loved it too. This means I know I can safely serve this to gluten eaters without the fear of them thinking it tastes different or odd! We just added a side of squirty cream and mini fudge chunks or just vanilla ice cream and sprinkles to make some fun desserts! You could even crumble it into a glass and add ice cream, cream and sprinkles to create sundaes!

Hannah x

*This product was sent to me to try, all opinions are my own

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