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Make it Gluten Free - Simple Mills Pizza Dough Mix*

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Before heading off to my best friends 21st birthday party, James and I thought it would be a great idea to make some pizzas as a late lunch/early dinner. I was sent this packet mix just before my birthday/engagement party took over my life, so we thought that now would be the best time to make them!

The mix is suitable for two pizzas and only requires apple cider vinegar, oil and water, so it's super simple! The mix itself is made in a few minutes, if you don't faff like we did of course! The ingredients to the flour mix are almond Flour, arrowroot powder, flax meal, cauliflower, aluminium-free baking soda, organic oregano, cream of tartar andorganic garlic, so I was interested to try. The ingredients are all readable and understandable so in some respect are quite clean, I like the majority of the food I eat to be like this. This mix before adding topping is free from grain, dairy, soy, refined sugar & emulsifiers/gums and artificial flavours and colours. Its is also paleo-friendly, vegan, Non-GMO and certified Gluten-Free and Kosher.


James and I chose to put cured meats such as parma ham and salami on our pizzas and topped with rocket and spinach at the end! They were beautiful! I made my base quite thin and I really enjoyed it, it went very crisp and honestly tasted like a good quality handmade pizza. There was no odd after taste and the flavour of the base was lovely, even James' couldn't tell the difference, so it was a winner!


The process for making these bases is one of the most simple recipes I have followed, just mix the wet and dry ingredients together until it resembles a dough, then split in two, flatten onto a pizza try and bake for 5 minutes. Remove from the oven, put all your yummy toppings on and bake for 10-15 minutes, until done! That's it! So simple I think these would be great to make with kids, even if you have more than one child you could make mini pizzas each with a side of chips and salad!

We decided to film us making the pizza, so why not take a look! I would certainly buy this product again as I loved how the flour was premixed, I won't have to have a number of bags of flours that could spill or weigh out, its a quick fix and can be done at any time as its a fast bake!

You can find the packet mix on the Make it Gluten Free website and retails at £4.75 so at just under £2.40 for two for dinner or more if you share with sides or make mini pizzas with children, it is quite cost effective, depending on your toppings and sides of course. Nevertheless dominos for the two of us tends to cost £20-£30 depending on deals and what toppings we fancy. Making these not only were  cheaper than a takeaway, but also was really enjoyable and we had so much fun.

Hannah x



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